Soaked oats and remembering breakfasts past.

bircher muesi open jar

Bircher muesli and …

Here at Helsing’s kitchen summer has definitely arrived. Cornflowers and poppies are blooming at the side of the fields making a bright contrast to the still-green grain growing rapidly in the fields. The first watermelon has also arrived in our kitchen. With the increasing temperatures and range of summer fruits in the shops, our thoughts turned to cooler breakfasts than our usual tea-and-toast. And, being here in Germany, what about muesli? Continue reading


Tortilla chips with a vodka and tonic. On the balcony.

tortillas cut

Here at Helsing’s kitchen, the middle child has been talking to the oldest child about the very blog you are reading right now. Yes, this one. Apparently, the middle one thinks our blog is a very unrealistic representation of our diet, so we should include something a bit less artisan for a change. Like a vodka (or gin) and tonic with crisps on the balcony, aka Team Helsing’s favourite pastime. Continue reading

Asparagus quiche, and spring always comes in threes.

peeling asparagus

There was a time when we didn’t realize it needed peeling …

Here at Helsing’s kitchen, the holy trinity of spring is with us. We have the storks in the countryside, restaurant tables and chairs on the pavements in the city, and now white asparagus is in season. “Die Spargelsaison hat begonnen” – asparagus season has started! At this time of year little wooden huts pop up in the city so Brandenburg farmers can sell their produce direct to their customers. Continue reading