Pasta with broccoli, and a race …


tagliatelle with broccoli

Here at Helsing’s kitchen we were reading one of the ads that recently went up on a billboard near our Berlin flat. It was for one of the food delivery services of which there are so many competing right now. We even find ourselves competing with lycra-clad delivery riders built like whippets with big square boxes on their backs just to get into our local pizzeria these days.  No matter, these food delivery services had thrown down the gauntlet. They promised to deliver hot, restaurant-quality food in “approximately 32 minutes”. This being Germany, even the approximations are precise. Continue reading


Spring, new beginnings, a new pie tin …

torta pasqualina

Here at Helsing’s kitchen we are fans of many things including Italian food, the Guardian cook Rachel Roddy, and pies. So, with imitation being the best form of flattery, we made our version of Rachel’s latest recipe, torta pasqualina. It’s basically a pie filled with spinach and ricotta. Four eggs are broken into hollows in the filling and then bake with the pie. And we got to try out our new pie tin for the first time. Continue reading