Helsing’s summer kitchen is open!

chicken salad on the balcony

A hot chicken salad on the balcony.

Here at Helsing’s kitchen we effectively have a new kitchen. We are cooking outside, on the balcony, on gas. And how great is that! Does cooking outside, on a real flame, stir ancient connections to a simpler life? Whatever the attraction might be, there is nothing like cooking on gas for its speed of reaction. Team Helsing’s indoor kitchens are electric – and induction still doesn’t come close. Continue reading


It’ll soon be a wrap …

green and yellow

yellow and green, the best colour combination

Here at Helsing’s kitchen we might just have done some good detective work. If you have kids, especially teenage ones, you have no doubt had the feeling they they might be up to something that you don’t know about. We suspect the middle one, health food fan and long-time veggie, might just have just gone vegan. Except she hasn’t come out yet. No eggs or dairy seem to have been consumed in a long time. It brings back the story of a female friend who came out, in the other sense, to her family. Continue reading