It’s June, so it’s got to be herring!

Bismarck and Matjes

Bismarck and Matjes herring rolls, with the all-important liquid lubrication.

Here at Helsing’s kitchen we are feeling very mittel-European. That’s because it is the season for that very essence of middle-European food: herring. Even down at our local beach bar, which is very much a chips-beer-and-bratwurst kind of place, you can always get a herring roll. It’s a fast-food staple as much loved as burgers and currywurst in this part of the world. The herring that goes into the roll is what we know in English as soused herring. But, it gets more complicated. Our beach bar serves two kinds of herring roll: Matjes herring or Bismarck herring. The Matjes herring is slightly saltier and is served with onion rings. The Bismarck herring is less salty and is served with onion and pickled cucumber.   Continue reading